Monday, May 1, 2017

May Info.

May Info: 

May Tuition Now Due 
All tuition received after the 10th will have an automatic $10 late fee...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! 

Parents rather than doing a mom's dance I would like to make a Video collage of pics of the dancers to show at the recital 
I won't have time during the recital to do both. I would really like to honor these sweet dancers who have danced with me for years or just for a year, show how much they changed and grown at my studio. If you have pictures of your dancer/s at recitals, class, competition or even cute class pics from this year and over the years... 
Please e-mail all pics to me 
no later than 
Friday May 12th 

Sr. Academy extra Saturday Practice 
Saturday May 6th
 from 9:00-10:30 Am at the studio with Trinity 

Saturday May 20th Dance Pictures 
Will be held at The Cove
Head East on to  13400 S From Bangerter 3.7 mi
Turn Left onto 6400 W/Rose Canyon Rd.  0.6 mi
Turn Right onto Rose Canyon Rd.  0.8 mi 
Turn Left onto Spring Canyon Dr. 
The Cove At Herriman Springs 14280 S. Spring Canyon Dr. Herriman UT 84096

-Hair will need to be done the Same as the "Hair and Costume" info sheet that is attached to this e-mail
-Girls will need to wear their Jazz Costume for the team picture but they can bring all their costumes for their individual shots 
-Times will be sent out later this week. 

Spacing Rehearsal At C.R. Hamilton Pavilion 
Spacing Rehearsal Time
Tuesday 3-4 yr olds
3:45-4:00 P.M.
Tuesday Jr. Academy
4:00-4:30 P.M.
Wednesday Academy B
4:30-5:15 P.M.
Wednesday Academy D
Monday/Thursday Academy A
5:45-6:30 P.M.
Tuesday/Wednesday Academy C
6:30-7:15 P.M.
Monday/Thursday Sr. Academy
7:15-8:00 P.M.


Concert Info: 

Dress Rehearsal 
Friday May 26th Riverton High School 
4:00-6:00 P.M. 
30 min Break 
Recital 6:30-8:00 P.M. @Riverton High School 

Academy of Dance 2017 Spring Concert Order

1.       Topsy turvy  
2.       True Colors 
3.       Hair Up 
4.       Beauty and the Beast
5.       Nicest Kids in Town
6.       Lost Boy
7.       My heart will Go on  
8.       Hard Knock Life  
9.       How far I'll go
10.   Flashlight
11.   Twist and Shout  
12.   Funkey Monkey
13.   I See the Light
14.   Fame  
15.   Hey Mickey  
16.   Faith
17.   Fever/Too Darn Hot
18.   Try Everything  
19.   Outta my Mind  

I've attached the Hair and costume info sheet to this e-mail please be sure that all costumes, shoes and accessories are labeled and please be sure that they have all their costumes with them for the dress rehearsal as well as the recital. 

-I will have the first row reserved for parents to send one parent up to take pictures. 

-Please be considerate and when saving seats please do so at the break between the dress rehearsal and recital rather than before the dress rehearsal. There were several complaints last year from parents who aren't
able to come super early to save seats. Also I will have the front left few rows  (as you are looking at the stage) reserved for my family...please keep those two rows open please! 

-Please remember no food or drink in the auditorium, there are sitting areas just outside the auditorium that can be used for eating!!! 

I have attached the program, please check it to make sure your dancer's name is spelled correctly. E-mail me with any changes or mistakes I've made (i'm sure there are plenty) 

-I've also attached the hair and costume info for the recital! 
Hair, Costume and Shoe info. Spring 2017 Recital
Monday Academy A-
Hair-Braid across dancers bangs from dancers left to right into low side bun on dancers right side.
Jazz: multicolored sequin unitard with half skirt, purple flower for hair.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes (Every dancer must have these)
Lyrical: Rose gold lyrical dress with gold hair piece.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Foot Undeez
Hip Hop: Black top, black leotard, black pants
Shoes: Black high top converse

Tuesday Classes:
3-4 yr olds
Hair: Down and curled with little hat bobby pinned to the dancers left side. (See photo on blog for help) or Black tuxedo jacket, white dress shirt, black bow tie and black pants.
Costume: Pink white and black striped tutu dress, with little black hat.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Black ballet shoes

Jr. Academy
Hair: High sock bun
Jazz: Black and pink unitard with black hat worn on dancers right side.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Black jazz shoes

Lyrical: Yellow and white lace tutu dress with white flower worn on dancers right side.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Foot Undeez

Academy C:
Hair: High pony tail with pony part flat ironed straight and sleek.
Jazz: Blue top with bow and blue capri pants with blue bow at the top of the pony tail.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes

Lyrical: Purple and cream lyrical dress with flower on the dancers right side of pony tail.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Foot Undeez

Hip Hop: White vest, black tank and plaid pants with black gloves and white bandana worn with bow on dancers right side.
Shoes: Black High top converse

Wednesday Classes:
Hair: High pony tail curled with bow at on the dancers right.
2-3 yr olds: multicolored unitard with tutu, gloves pink on dancers right, green on dancers left, big bow.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Black Ballet Shoes

Wednesday Academy D:
Hair: High Sock Bun
Jazz: Pink fringe unitard dress, with big pink bow on dancers right side
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes

Lyrical: Purple lyrical dress with with gold flower worn on dancers right side of sock bun.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Foot Undeez

Academy B:
Hair: Braid across dancers forehead from left to right into low sleek ponytail on dancers right side.

Jazz: Black and white unitard with black top hat
Tights: Fishnet tights (coming home week after next…unless they get here tomorrow)
Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes (everyone must have jazz shoes)

Lyrical: Navy lace lyrical dress, with bow worn on dancers right side.
Tights: Tan
Shoes: Foot Undeez

Hip Hop: Multicolored hooded vest, blue pants and multicolored gloves
Shoes: Black high top converse

Thursday: Sr. Academy
Hair: High pony tail for jazz and lyrical they will make their pony tail messy for Hip Hop (which is last)

Jazz: black lace flapper dress with flower on dancers right side near bun.
Tights: Fishnet tights (Coming)
Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes (everyone must have)

Lyrical: Silver lyrical dress, with headband
Tights: tan
Shoes: Foot Undeez

Hip Hop: Geometric vest, white baggy pants, head phones
Shoes: Black converse high tops.

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